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About Us

History of SMW104

For over 110 years, Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 104 has been dedicated to maintaining the highest skilled workforce in the Northern California Sheet Metal Industry.

The Advantages:

The union bargains collectively for all of its members — athereby providing a high standard of living, strong wages with regular increases, health care coverage and retirement benefits.

  • Union members and employers have the benefit of pooling their resources in order to negotiate better deals for their members and provide better value in terms of quality health care.
  • Union contracts establish strict rules about job security and the conditions under which layoffs or reductions in the work force take place.
  • Union members are afforded the opportunities to improve and upgrade their skills, and, consequently, their wages and responsibilities, through union-sponsored education and training programs.
  • Workers in unionized firms have a clear set of rights which are outlined in detail in their collective bargaining agreements.
  • Being union gives workers a voice on the job, and their cumulative voices make them more influential with management than any individual voice.
  • Working under a union contract, workers have built-in mechanisms to monitor and even correct the work environment, and to ensure that health and safety concerns are addressed.

Chartered in 1903, Sheet Metal Workers' Local Union No. 104 remains dedicated to extending the benefits and solidarity of our trade union to all of those working in sheet metal throughout Northern California.