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Application for Apprenticeship 

No appointment is required.

- You must be physically able to perform the work of the trade

- You must be 18 years old. (Or 17 years old with a parent/legal guardian signature at the time of application)


Applicants must complete a basic math test with a minimum score of 80%. (Basic calculators will be provided)
Those who fail the math test may re-take the test a second time within a period.
Persons passing the math test shall be given an application number in sequence.
Should Applicants for `Building Trades` programs chose, they will be qualified to work as a `Pre-Apprentice,` a paid `helper` position while a current applicant. Pre-apprentices shall be dispatched according to contract provisions.

A Differential Aptitude Test shall be administered to all qualified applicants as scheduled by the Local Training Center, with a minimum of 90 of 165 possible points required to continue.

A voluntary Applicant class and a career declaration follow. Additional testing will occur for BT Service, and TAB applicants will require an interview.

A combined score, (200 points minimum), from the math test, differential aptitude test, employment/veteran credit, and credit earned in the Applicant class, (and interview for BT Service/TAB), shall place the applicant on a ranked list to be indentured, as positions are available. Qualified applicants must have a valid California driver`s license at the time of dispatch and shall, during the tenure of his/her training, maintain an acceptable driving record.

Contact your Local Training Center listed above for information regarding applications for A/C specialist and A/C Service Technician.

Bay Area Applicant Info

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